Flying is our passion and Our Career and We strive to give You the same level of Experience.

PAW is made of pilots for pilots. This is what sets Us apart from the other.


Our services are built around Our experience as Captains, and We will  follow you in all the Phases and Decisions made through out your career in aeronautical industry.


Pilots Around the World is able to offer You the best option for your career.

- Type Rating and Line Training for Ab-Initio Airlines Pilots

 - First Officer, Line Captain, TRI/TRE employment


Becoming a PAW member will bring you in Our Team and help You network for the Airline of Your choice



Today being a pilot is a very demanding job. Pilots need to manage the flights in respect of many rules; the most important one is safety. Airlines also require that their pilots to be efficient, optimizing all the costs when possible. You need to be a good manager, from the beginning of your training, in order to be ready to become a team leader when you achieve your captain upgrade. Learning to manage human resources, interfaced with the technologies, the environment and different cultures, is one of the most challenging and adventurous aspects of our work.

We are delighted to offer you all our efforts to give you the best chance to succeed with your target. We will customize your type rating according with the airlines procedures (SOP) making your line training more natural and clearer.

Life insurance, membership cards, 24/7 support for all your needs (including technical) will be available to make you feel comfortable and safe when working with us.

We are not just pilots, we are Pilots Around the World.

Fly to join your world.



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